Krusty Burger

Whether you’re stopping in for the limited edition ‘Ribwich’, or a delicious Partially Gelatinated, Non-Dairy, Gum-Based Beverage, Krusty Burger is Springfield’s premiere casual dining destination (for under 5 bucks).

With hundreds of locations around Springfield- as well as an unprofitable franchise at an unmanned, off-shore oil platform- a flavour-packed Krusty Burger is the best way to get your daily ‘hamster bedding’ intake. Just don’t get the juice in your mouth…

With its patented secret sauce and 100% “beef”, the Krusty Burger is the restaurant chain’s most popular burger. Add fries and a giant Buzz Cola for extra heart-clogging fun!

Here at GeekPlate, it’s easily one of our favourite meat-flavoured sandwiches, and not just because it’s got Krusty’s face on the packet.

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