BurgerShot’s Bleeder Burger, a San Andreas Specialty


From the skyscrapers of Liberty City to the hills and beaches of San Andreas, nothing gets your hungrier than a little Grand Theft Auto (or homicide, or possession, or grand larceny…).

Feed your hunger with a Bleeder Burger from Burger Shot, washed down with a delicious eCola. It might not be the happiest meal, but it will refill your health-meter.


Blamco Mac n’ Cheese – Fallout

In the Capital Wasteland, life is tough. Everything comes hard: weapons, ammo, friends, water and, of course, food.

As an escaped Vault Dweller, you have no choice but to try and survive. And to do that, you’ll need food, like Blamco’s ‘Instant Mac & Cheese’.

Better for you than ‘Sugar Bombs Breakfast Cereal’, more plentiful than ‘Dandy Boy Apples’ and less prone to infection than the horrifyingly titled ‘strange meat’, ‘Blamco Mac & Cheese’ is your best bet for survival.

As radioactive as it is convenient, it may not be the best tasting thing you’ll find in New Vegas, but it will fill your health bar.

Because hunger, hunger never changes….