1st Annual GeekPlate & PAX Aus LIVE FOOD FIGHT

Click to view the full size poster

Click to view the full size poster

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food?

GeekPlate is thrilled to be hosting an incredible event at this year’s PAX Australia gaming convention.

On the opening night of the convention in the Main Theatre (2400 seats), GeekPlate’s Tristan Lutze will host four well known Australian gaming identities as they cook, live on stage, their favourite gamin snacks.

Expect a little mischief, a lot of hilarity and some delicious results.

The First Annual PAXAus & GeekPlate FOOD FIGHT

When: Friday 30 October, 2015. 5pm – 6pm (seating from 4:30pm)

Where: PAX Australia, Main Theatre.

To see the show, you’ll need a Friday pass for PAX Aus, available here.


Hex-200Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen – one of the hosts of ABC2’s ‘Good Game‘ and ABC3’s ‘Good Game: Spawn Point’, Hex is one of Australia’s most popular TV presenters and a highly respected game reviewer. Her biggest passion outside of games is food, making her the perfect addition to the 1st Annual PAXAUS Food Fight. Twitter: @hexsteph

Scod-200Scott Edgar – For over 15 years, Tripod have been Australia’s best and most popular musical comedy trio. While many songs in their storied history have included subtle (and less subtle) gaming references, their 2015 show ‘This Gaming Life’ elevated them to geek nirvana. Written in collaboration with ‘Journey’ composer Austin Wintory, the show was performed together with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Twitter: @tripodactual

Eve-200Eve Beauregard – a self described ‘professional nerd’, Eve is one of the world’s most recognisable and popular cosplayers. Her incredibly keen eye for detail, warm wit, dedication to everything geeky and genuine love for her loyal online community continues to make her one of the greatest things on the internet since that cat played the keyboard. Twitter: @eve_beauregard

Serels-200Mark Serrels – Porridge. I mean, he’s also the Editor of Kotaku Australia, the first and last port of call for gaming news, reviews and interesting game-related writings but, yeah, porridge. Twitter: @serrels


An annual event held in Boston, Seattle and Melbourne, PAX is a community-focussed convention that celebrates the best of gaming, including tabletop, console, PC, mobile, card, role playing and more.


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