Fake Food in your pocket

japan-fake-food-display-dishes_004I have to admit to having a bit of an obsession with fake Japanese food; those incredible plastic dishes that often sit in the windows of Japanese restaurants, showing you exactly what your meal will look like in astounding detail.

It’s the fact, I think, that they sit so wonderfully between mouth-wateringly real, glistening like they’ve just been covered in sauce, and so obviously fake. It’s the uncanny valley of food.

Thanks to a recent online discovery, my obsession with this incredible art form can go to the next level.

Fake Food Japan, a company that specialises in, well, fake food, has started turning their creations into all sorts of nifty plastic (actually, PVC) trinkets and accessories.

Take, for example, this Curry with Shrimp on Spoon Keychain:


Impress clients with this Clam Miso Soup Business Card Case:


Freshen your breath after a garlicky fried rice with this Fried Rice Frisk Mint Case:


You’ll always find your phone when it’s attached to these astoundingly realistic Hamburger Patty Phone Charm/Zipper Pull:


Transport your digital files with this Kara-age (Boneless Fried Chicken) USB Flash Drive:


Protect your phone’s headphone port (or something? I’m not really sure…) with this Gyoza Dumpling Headphone Jack Plug:


Protect your phone and get an appetite with this Spaghetti with Meat Sauce iPhone 6 Plus Case:


Or, for something absolutely bizarre, this totally real Chicken Wing Ear Pick:


Then there’s these delicious magnets:

2_cuts_of_salmon_sashimi_magnet_MED black_tiger_shrimp_magnet_MED macaron_chocolate_magnet_MED shrimp_sushi_magnet_MED roasted_pork-filled_manju_japanese-style_bun_magnet_MED cut_tomato_magnet_MED

Of course, if you’re opening your own restaurant or just want to stare at gorgeous but inedible food all day, Fake Food Japan create full-size recreations of a huge number of dishes too.

assorted_deep_fried_pork_and_vegetable_rolls_MED assorted_seafood_MED assorted_sushi_ver_2_MED curry_and_rice_with_pork_cutlet_MED fruit_parfait_ver_1_MED

Or, get them to recreate your favourite homemade snack. My plastic Bolognese-filled jaffle with cheese should arrive any day.


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