The food of Game of Thrones (with recipes)


To celebrate the return of Game of Thrones, I put together recipes for the six most memorable food moments in the show’s history. 

Read the full article and all the recipes here, on

The full article includes recipes for:


Hot Pie’s attempt at ‘Wolf Bread’, given to Arya Stark in season three.


The pigeon pie served at Joffrey’s wedding. Just watch the wine….


Sansa’s beloved lemon cakes.


The awkward Bolton family dinner at Winterfell, with Ramsay taking a pointed bite of a suggestive sausage for, I assume, Reek’s benefit.


To win favour with the Many-Faced god, Arya must become Lanna the shellfish merchant.


Are you a Khaleesi and want your firstborn son to be the ‘stallion that rides the world’? You’ll need to eat a whole heart first….

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