GeekPlate & PAX Australia’s 1st Annual Food Fight: Complete

As the PAX Australia gear gets packed into trunks for another year and carted off to a giant warehouse facility (“…top …men”) and the dishes from the GeekPlate Food Fight on opening night of the expo are finally washed and dried, we can look back at the madness with ¬†clearer heads. Continue reading


1st Annual GeekPlate & PAX Aus LIVE FOOD FIGHT

Click to view the full size poster

Click to view the full size poster

Who said you shouldn’t play with your food?

GeekPlate is thrilled to be hosting an incredible event at this year’s PAX Australia gaming convention.

On the opening night of the convention in the Main Theatre (2400 seats), GeekPlate’s Tristan Lutze will host four well known Australian gaming identities as they cook, live on stage, their favourite gamin snacks.

Expect a little mischief, a lot of hilarity and some delicious results. Continue reading

GeekPlate on Kapow!

The fine people at the Kapow! Comic Book Show- filmed in the renowned Kings Comics in Sydney- were kind enough to invite Tristan from GeekPlate onto their 2014 halloween special.

He brought along a few mugs of Harry Potter’s own butterbeer, a tray of Sansa’s lemon cakes from Game of Thrones, and some truly gruesome monkey brains as seen in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Thanks to everyone at Kapow!